Cemetery Resources

Cemetery Visits
When going to a cemetery, be prepared for anything.  You might need to clean stones, remove vegetation, or contend with the weather all to capture a good photo and document the headstone information.  To ensure you have what you need, read the article, “Cemetery Visit Supplies and To Do List” by Karla Gerdes on pages 16 & 17 of the CCGS Quarterly Volume 36, Number 1.
The following are examples where vegetation is obscuring a headstone.  Click on the image to see a full-size view.
Grass clippings on stone
Evergreen covering stone
Peony covering stone
Mulberry growing up stone
Grass growing over stone

Cemetery Internet Resources
Resources for locating Champaign County cemeteries and headstones and other Champaign County cemetery information.

Champaign County Cemeteries (listings available in the CCGS Members Section)
The listing of burials in the following cemeteries can be found in the MEMBERS section of this web site.
Beekman Cemetery, East Bend Township
Bethel/Harris Cemetery, Mahomet Township
Bliss Cemetery, Sidney Township
Brumley Cemetery, Urbana Township
Bryant Cemetery, Mahomet Township
Burris-Hartman Burial Place
Cain-Schaefer Cemetery
Chenoweth Cemetery, Kerr Township
Clements Cemetery, Somer Township
Dunn Cemetery, Somer Township
Greenwood/Harvey Cemetery
Harwood Chapel Cemetery, Harwood Township - A Harwood township cemetery, "They Asked to be Remembered"
Huss Chapel Cemetery, St. Joseph Township
Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery, 3/4 west of Broadlands
Jersey Cemetery, six miles southeast of Fisher
Jessee Cemetery, Crittenden Township
Loeffler Family Burials, Ogden Township
Mount Calvary Cemetery, Philo Township
Old Heater Graveyard, Somer Township
Old Homer-Dunkard Cemetery, Homer Township
Old Huss Cemetery, St.Joseph Township (NOTE: Check link for how to obtain access to cemetery)
Pioneer and Indian Burials, Urbana, Illinois (NOTE: Now known as Leal Park)
Rice Cemetery, Sadorus Township
Risinger Cemetery, St. Joseph Township
Rock Cemetery, Sadorus Township
Sadorus Cemetery, Sadorus Township
St. Johns Lutheran Cemetery, Royal, IL
St. Joseph Cemetery, located next to Immaculate Conception Church, Crittenden Township
Shiloh Cemetery, Newcomb Township
Tomlinson Cemetery, Kerr Township
Umbanhower Cemetery