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Sappington Family Bible Transcription
James Sappington was born March the 21st 1836
Sarah Jane Sappington was born June the 4th 1838
Andrew J. Morgan was born November 11th 1839
Lillia M. Sappington was born Oct 14 1860
Joseph P. Sappington was born June 12th 1862
Nancy L. Sappington was born Oct 13 1864
John Elwjn Morgan was born Oct 18th 1875
James Sappington and Sarah Jane Wright was married Dec 15 1859
Andrew J. Morgan and Sarah Jane Sappington was married December 7th 1873
John R. Shanklin and Lillia M. Sappington was married November 4th 1875
Joseph P. Sappington and Mammie Bounds was married December the 13th 1883
Nancy L. Sappington died October 22nd 1865. Aged one year and nine days
James Sappington died September 22nd 1866. Aged 30 years 6 months & one day
John Elwin Morgan died August 16th 1890
Andrew Jackson Morgan died July 2nd 1919. Aged 79 years 7 months and 21 days
Sarah Jane Morgan died February 18th 1919, aged 80 years, 8 months and 12 days