Civil War Era Houses in Urbana

In this work, I have tried to identify all the surviving Civil War era houses in Urbana. The main research tool that I have used is the 1869 panoramic ("birds-eye") map of Urbana produced by Adolph Ruger. I have also used various other resources of the Historical Archives of the Urbana Free Library, a wonderful place run by wonderful people (thank you very much!) Each house is shown with its depiction in the 1869 map, a current photograph by me, a Google map image, and whatever other information I could find.
I decided early on to include the "maybes", houses I was not completely sure about, as well as the thoroughly documented houses. I did this for a very specific reason: I hope that people reading this work will help me improve it, so that some of the maybes can join the well-documented houses. So, please send me any information I have missed. Also corrections - especially corrections! - if I have made a mistake about your house or your ancestor's house, let me know and I will change it in the next release of the work.
I am a resident of Urbana, a University of Illinois professor of Entomology, a fan of Abraham Lincoln, and a student of the history of Urbana.
Stewart Berlocher