Welcome to CCGS

The Champaign County Genealogical Society (CCGS) welcomes new members whether they are researching extensively in Champaign County, Illinois, or have no ancestors at all to research in our county.  The Society promotes genealogical and historical research and aids in the publication, dissemination, and preservation of genealogical and historical material.  We welcome you to join us.

What's New

Spring 2014 Workshop Series for Local History & Genealogy 
This spring the Champaign County Historical Archives will be hosting genealogy and history workshops.  The workshops are FREE and open to the public.  All workshops will be held at the Urbana Free Library in the Lewis Auditorium.
To register for a workshop, please call the Champaign County Historical Archives at 217-367-4025.
Oral History for Family History
Saturday, April 19
1:30 - 3:30 p.m.
Pinning Down Your Family History: How Pinterest can help you display, organize, and share your family and community history
Wednesday, April 30
6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Breaking Down the Brick Walls in Your Genealogy
Saturday, May 3
2:30 - 5:30 p.m.
Civil War Records and Research: A Tribute to our Veteran Ancestors
Saturday, May 24
10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Genealogy Blogs
A blog, short for web log, are “online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer” as defined by Merriam-Webster.com.  Blogs are a way to read about the recent activities in the genealogy world and news from genealogy outlets.   Some of the well-known blogger websites have been added to the CCGS website under the “Links” menu option on the left-hand side.
     We are highlighting a few popular blogs but there are many more blogs that members might want to follow.  If you are interesting in finding other blogs, consider resources you use or societies, then check to see if they have a blog.  Also, ethnic blogs can assist with your research in other counties.  Family Tree Magazine suggests 40 blogs for tracing roots around the globe at http://familytreemagazine.com/article/around-the-world-in-40-blogs
     To find more blogs, members can search Google Blogs at http://www.google.com/blogsearch.  You can search for keywords to find bloggers who wrote about the topics in your search.  Another resource is Cyndi’s List, which provides links for finding blogs and other topics at http://www.cyndislist.com/blogs/.
     Now that you have found blogs you want to follow; how are you going to track them all?  There are various ways to view and follow blogs for all skill levels.  The simplest way is to bookmark the website in your web browser and periodically checking the website for new blog entries.  Also, one can subscribe or follow by email and new posts will be emailed to you.  However, there is technology to manage the information in blogs and that is an RSS feed reader.  The feed reader collects and aggregates posts into one view for the user.  Feed readers can be ran on the web or on a mobile device.
For web-based readers, users will have to subscribe using the RSS icon on a blog site which will look similar to the icon on the left.  Feed readers have different instructions for subscribing so it cannot be fully explained here.  Users must review the directions for the feed reader that they choose.  For apps, users search for the blog and add it to your list of content.  The following are some examples of free RSS feed readers and the platform they run on:  
  • Feedly - Android and iOS apps.
  • Flipboard - Android and iOS apps.
  • My Yahoo! - web.
  • Netvibes - web.
  • Pulse by LinkedIn - Android and iOS apps.

CCGS Quarterly Extras - September Edition
     With the release of the new CCGS Quarterly Volume 35 No. 2, “Quarterly Extras” are also available in the members-only section. Society members should look for the heading of “Quarterly Extras” to see the extras for the Quarterly article on diaries and journals found on pages 39-44. 
     Anna Etta Busey Cruser, Thomas H. Trevett, and Anna May Lindley Nelson captured his or her life by keeping a journal of travel, relationships, and daily lives.  Take a peek into the private lives by reading the transcriptions in the Quarterly article and check out photos and diary pages in the “Quarterly Extras”. 

Podcasts and Webinars for Genealogists
     At the May 2013 General Membership meeting, Candace Wilmot presented a talk about podcasts and webinars for genealogists.  To assist members, much of the information from Candace’s talk has been added to the CCGS website.  The links to the various podcasts and webinars can be found under the “Links” menu option on the left-hand side or by clicking here.  The specific links recommended by Candace are under the headings of Educational Resources, Podcasts, and Webinar-Fee. 
     Podcasts can also be listened to on iTunes or devises via an app.  For Apple users, the Podcasts app by Apple allows one to subscribe and play podcasts.  Similar apps are available for Andriod users to play podcasts.

CCGS Quarterly Extras - June Edition
     CCGS members should check out the autograph albums featured in Quarterly Volume 35 No. 1 and try your hand at reading German script.  The 12 pages of German script from the autograph album of Elisabeth [Elizabeth] Bamberger Block can be viewed in the members-only section under the heading of “Quarterly Extras”. 
     While the Bamberger and Oscar Hall albums are in private ownership, the Ed Benefield and J. O. Cunningham are maintained in the special collections at Champaign County Historical Archives of the Urbana Free Library.
Ed Benefield Album
J. O. Cunningham Album